Welcome to the Ashgrove School Parent and Teacher Association (PTA)

We are a very active group of parents and staff representatives which includes the Principal, Board of Trustees (BOT) Representatives and teachers, with the primary function of fundraising for the direct benefit of the students, teachers and school as a whole. In March of each year we hold an Annual General Meeting, where the election of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and deputies is conducted.

2014 has been another busy year for the Ashgrove School PTA; once again we have been active generating funds to ensure our continued support for the children, parents and teachers at our school.

A number of fundraising events have been undertaken this year including but not limited to Subway lunches, Second Hand Uniform Sales, House T-shirts, Entertainment books, Couplands Fundraisers, Cultivating Memories, Mr Pegs and the annual Calendar / Diary orders. The PTA have run a number of other events which have provided little or no funding but have been undertaken for the enjoyment of Ashgrove School children, such as the School Disco’s and Big Wheelie Day.

2014 Santa's Grotto saw 7010 visitors, over 3000 more visitors than in 2013. This is a fantastic event that Ashgrove can be very proud to call our own.

With the funding we have generated we have been able to support the school in a number of ways including assisting teachers improve their classroom environment with the quarterly Wish List submissions including the purchase of jellybean tables, blown up books and our new Gazebo. Upgrading the school's sports uniforms with a $4000 contribution, subsidising the Swim/Gym programme for the whole school and also providing the Board of Trustees with an additional $12,500 towards Information Technology development for Ashgrove School.

We hold our meetings in the school staff room at 7:30 pm on the third Tuesday of every month. You are more than welcome to attend a meeting if you would like to contribute in any way.
2015 AGM will be held 17th March in the school staffroom at 7pm followed by our monthly meeting at 7.30pm. We welcome all new members - new faces bring new ideas!