Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Ashgrove School takes huge pride in its parent volunteer support; this helps to make our school community so great. You can really make a difference! There are a number of ways you can get involved in Ashgrove School’s Parent Teacher Association, and we hope that the following information will help you find a role and answer your basic questions about how to join our school’s volunteer effort.

Introduction & Overview of PTA Roles
Ashgrove School is a wonderful community with volunteer contributions of people just like you! Job descriptions for PTA Executive Committee roles can be found below. You can be part of the Executive Committee, PTA Committee member, or just attend meetings when you can. To get you started, here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions:
What PTA positions are available?
PTA Committee positions are open to any Ashgrove School parent or care giver and do not require previous committee or PTA experience. If you are interested in a PTA position for the following school year, you should attend the Annual General Meeting which takes place in March each year. You are welcome to attend any PTA meeting prior to this, which will give you a good indication of how the PTA works.

How do PTA positions get filled?
The current Committee resigns in March each year at the Annual General Meeting. At this point, a new committee is elected. You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else. If you are interested in a PTA Committee Executive position for the following school year, you should look for announcements in the Ashgrove School Newsletter, or talk to any member of the current PTA Executive.
What are the basic and shared job responsibilities of committee members?
Responsibilities can vary throughout the year. Ashgrove School PTA understands the conflicting priorities of managing home, work and family and appreciates any support you can provide.

Basic responsibilities can include:
- Helping to recruit, train and support your successor
- Attending PTA meetings whenever possible
- Attending meetings scheduled as needed throughout the school year
- Assisting with running and resourcing fundraising activities. You may choose to manage a particular annual event as your contribution to the PTA.

What kind of files should I keep?
It is a great help if you create and/or audit a binder for your position and to have a short orientation when you hand it over to your successor. An ideal binder contains a summary of the position, a calendar or timeline for your job or event, your budget, vendors used, ideas you tried and liked or didn’t like, fliers you created, feedback you received, and anything else you think would help your successor to get a good start.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering Budget
How much money may I spend?
Most events are given a budget by the PTA. If you plan to spend more than your budgeted amount, you need to get prior clearance from the committee.
Making donationsSome PTA volunteers pay for things related to their roles out of their own pockets. If you give the treasurer a receipt for these expenses a letter may be generated for tax purposes. It is important that you document how much you spent of your own money and place it in the materials you hand over to your successor so the PTA knows the real cost of events and programs and the following year’s budget may be adjusted accordingly.
Spending your own moneyIf you find you have to spend your own money on items for an even please retain the receipt and request a reimbursement at the next committee meeting. The PTA does have accounts with some local businesses, but prior permission is required before using these services. Talk to the treasurer and they will be able to help you with spending
Seeking donations
There is sometimes concern that local businesses are overworked for donations. The current policy stands now that we can solicit and acknowledge donations from families / and businesses directly related to our school (e.g. A Dad works at a construction company, a Grandfather owns a local restaurant, etc.). It would be best to check with the PTA before you solicit these donations to be sure that the potential donors have not already been asked to contribute for another event.
How do I get an announcement in to the Ashgrove School Newsletter?
Speak to our Communications Officer and they will liaise with the office on your behalf.
PTA Committee Job Descriptions

The following provides a general outline of some of the responsibilities undertaken by the Parent Teacher Association Executive Committee Members. Responsibilities can vary according to requirement, experience, availability and committee agreements for distribution of workloads.
The Chair provides leadership and governance for the PTA committee and manages meetings in line with the Agenda. This role has significant interaction with the School Principal, the PTA Treasurer, and PTA Secretary.
  • Provide leadership to the PTA ensuring appropriate long term vision and short term goals met.
  • Encourage attendance at, and participation in, PTA meetings.
  • Ensure committee roles and fundraising event roles are filled and tasks accomplished.
  • Play active role in reviewing the schools wish-list of spending with the Principal and the PTA.
  • Act as signatory for the PTA bank accounts.
  • Write the annual report for the PTA in cooperation with the Secretary.

  • Supports the Chair in their role
  • Runs meetings in the absence of the Chair

The Secretary is a key Committee Member and ensures that the PTA runs smoothly.
  • Deal with correspondence
  • Prepare Agendas, call meetings and record attendance
  • Take notes during meetings, write up minutes and distribute them to the Committee
  • Write the Annual Report with the Chair

  • Act as primary contact point between the school office and the PTA for communication.
  • Distributes information to the school community on behalf of the PTA and its Sub-Committees

One of the key roles of the Committee is to manage and control the funds the PTA raises. All committee members have equal responsibility for the control and management of the PTA’s funds. The Treasurer plays an important part in helping the Committee carry out these duties properly. The Treasurer should record all income and expenditure in a ledger. The ledger can be a simple accounts book or a computerised system. The Treasurer should record details of the amounts received and spent and have the details available for every Committee meeting.
  • Maintain the financial records and plans
  • Report income & expenditure at meetings
  • Liaise with the bank
  • Regular and other payments
  • Prepare and co-sign cheques as required
  • Count and bank monies
  • Draw up the annual accounts
  • Provide floats for fundraising events

  • Supports the treasurer in their role
  • Presents reports to the committee if the Treasurer cannot attend meetings

The key feature of this role is to allow for a smoother flow to meetings. it is the role of the officer to liaise with all subcommittee heads and present their minutes to the committee at our regular scheduled meetings.
  • Present Minutes from subcommittee meetings
  • Provide information to the Executive committee about what has been actioned in the sub committee meetings
  • Ensure all sub-committees are represented at meetings if they do not have a member present
  • Act as a link to the PTA, it's sub-committees, the BOT and School Management