Ashgrove School PTA Charter


The name of the Association is the Ashgrove School Parents Teacher Association (Ashgrove PTA).


a) To provide a link between the young person, the home and parents / care givers and the school.
b) Raising money to provide resources for Ashgrove School to use to benefit students and staff in a fair and even way.
c) Running activities which enhance the community of the school.


3.1 Membership of the PTA is freely granted to any parent or care giver of children who are current students, staff members of Ashgrove School, or members of the Board of Trustees, with the exception of those who have been expelled under clause 3.5.

3.2 Any member may resign from the Committee by letter addressed to the Secretary. PTA members in office must resign when their children leave the school but may stay on the committee.

3.3 Anyone not included in 3.1 who wishes to join the PTA must apply in writing to the secretary who will raise a motion at the next meeting. If the applicant is accepted at the meeting they are free to join the PTA until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which point their membership must be reconfirmed by a vote.
3.4 Membership entitles persons to vote at all meetings of the PTA.
3.5 A member can be expelled from the PTA by Special General Meeting or an Annual General Meeting for reasons including but not limited to:
a) Serious misconduct of a personal or professional nature towards another member of the PTA.
b) Any illegal activities conducted within the PTA or using the PTA as an intermediary.
c) Publicly purporting to represent the PTA when no authority has been given by a meeting to do this.
d) Attempting to exploit or misuse the PTA or members of the PTA for pecuniary gain.

3.6 Executive Committee Members who miss three consecutive meetings are deemed to have relinquished their role on the committee. A replacement Officer can be co-opted on to the Executive Committee if this occurs.

4.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum three officers as are voted at the Annual General Meeting, to serve for a period of one year.
4.2 The officers of the Association shall be – a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Communications Officer and Fundraising Liaison Coordinator. The Executive Officers shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting, by those present. The committee shall have the power to co-opt members
4.3 Nominations may be made orally from among members present. Nomination of members not present must be accompanied by written acceptance of nomination for the office by the nominee.
4.4 The committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees and co-opt the services of persons responsible to the committee to carry out special works as the need arises.
4.5 The Principal, Teachers and Board of Trustee members in office may not hold an Officers position within the PTA.
4.6 Should an officer leave before the Annual General Meeting, the next meeting has the discretion to appoint a replacement or hold a bi-election.

5.1 The rules of the PTA may be altered, added to or rescinded at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting held for that purpose. Such meetings must be announced at least one week ahead of time in the school newsletter and are open to all members of the PTA and public. Notices of motion must be made available to all members to enable proxy voting.
5.2 Only members can vote; members can vote by proxy.

5.3 A two thirds majority indicates a successful modification to the rules.

5.4 The meeting chair has a casting vote.

5.5 No alteration of Clauses 7.5 or 9.4 shall be made without a 90% vote of a Special or Annual General Meeting. Additional statements can be added to Clause 2 but the existing ones must not be altered without a 90% vote of a Special or Annual General Meeting.

6.1 The purpose of an Annual General Meeting is the election of officers, discussion and changes to the PTA Charter, receiving the annual financial report and the Chairperson’s annual report.
6.2 The Chairperson or their nominee will chair the meeting. The Chair has the casting vote.

6.3 Annual General Meetings (AGM) shall be announced in the Ashgrove School Newsletter and on the School website at least two weeks before they occur. AGM’s must occur during the month of March, and must be advertised in the local paper twice before the event.

6.4 Any decisions aside from those made under rules 4.3 and 4.5 will be made by vote by a show of hands, with a simple majority indicating a success. The Chair may, if they feel it appropriate, call for a secret ballot on any vote.


6.5 The purpose of Special General Meetings (SGM) is to discuss urgent matters beyond the purview of an ordinary meeting. This includes, but is not limited to, expulsion of members, large expenditure and dissolution of the organisation.

6.6 Where ¾ of members request a SGM, then such a meeting must be held within 28 days of request.


6.7 Ordinary meetings occur on the third Tuesday of every month. They must not occur less than three times per annum with no meeting being later than six months apart. Members must be notified of a meeting one week in advance through committee communications.

6.8 The Chairperson or their nominee will Chair the meeting. Minutes of all meetings shall be made available to members on request.

6.9 At all meetings three officers and three committee members shall constitute a quorum.

6.10 All committee meetings shall be open to all members with all members having speaking rights and voting rights, and the Chairperson of any meeting having the casting vote.

6.11 All voting shall be by voice or show of hands if called for by any person present, or by a secret ballot if requested.


7.1 The funds of the Association shall consist of donations and any sums raised in the name of the Association. All monies shall be deposited in the name of the Association at the nominated bank (Heartland). The bank account shall be operated by any 3 officers holding signing rights, with the requirement for two signatories on all cheques.

7.2 The committee, at its discretion, shall expend its funds for the benefit of the School, or it may make donations of funds to the Board of Trustees with recommendation for its expenditure. The committee may also nominate to make donations to external bodies, with acceptance by vote from committee members.

7.3 The accounts and all books of the association shall be reviewed by a suitably qualified person whose report shall appear as part of the financial statements.

7.4 The financial year of the Association shall end on the last day of January in each calendar year.

7.5 No member of the organisation or any person associated with a member shall participate in or materially influence any decision made by the organisation in any respect of the payment to or on behalf of that member or associated person of any income, benefit or advantage whatsoever.

7.6 Any such income paid shall be reasonable and relative to that which would be paid in an arm’s length transaction (being the open market value). The provision and effect of this clause shall not be removed from this document, and shall be included and implied into any document replacing this document.

7.7 The Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer shall be the authorised signatories of the Ashgrove School PTA bank account, to be verified by the committee at Annual General Meeting. At least one finance officer and one other of the remaining three must sign outgoing cheques. If one of these parties resigns their role prior to the next Annual general meeting the new elected Officer shall be granted signing rights.


8.1 This Association is ancillary to the school and has no power over administration, maintenance management or policy of the school.


9.1 The association may be wound up by resolution to this effect passed by ¾ majority of members present at the SGM called for this purpose.

9.2 Any surplus assets after all liabilities have been paid shall be donated to the School’s Board of Trustees.

9.3 No surplus assets may be applied for or to the personal benefit of any member.

9.4 If upon the winding up or dissolution of the organisation there remains after the satisfaction of all it’s debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed among members of the organisation but shall be given or transferred to some other organisation or body having objects similar to the objects of the first organisation, or to some other charitable organisation or purpose, within New Zealand.

9.5 The constitution shall be dated and shall be deemed to come into force on the 18th March 2014 and shall be binding on all members until dissolved by ¾ of the eligible members present at the meeting at which the constitutional changes are proposed.